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Get to know Kira!

  1. What High School do you attend?    Valencia High School
  2. What are your plans for after HS?     After high school I would like to attend a four year university and major in nursing!
  3. Activities that you’re involved in at, or outside of, school?    At VHS I am a swimmer and outside of school I am apart of a community service group called assisteens!
  4. Do you have a nickname and if so, how did you get it?    My family calls me monkey because when I was little I would always climb things and would never sit still 
  5. How would you describe your fashion style?    I would describe my fashion style as relaxed but still fun and cute!
  6. Top 3 things you can’t live without:    I can’t live without my family, friends, and food! My family and friends mean so much to me and I would never change them for anything!
  7. Top 3 favorite bands/musicians:  Luke Bryan, Mac Miller, and Maroon 5
  8. Pet Peeve:  People who wear high heels and are unable to walk in them 
  9. Bad Habit:  always having to have my phone or be on it!
  10. This year, I’m most excited for:  spending my last year with all my friends and going to football games as a Senior!
  11. If you had a million dollars:  I would go on a shopping trip and waste my money away on things that I don’t need!
  12. Favorite quote:  “Share your sparkle wherever you are.”  ~Dodinsky
  13. Favorite food or restaurant:  I don’t have a favorite food or restaurant I love eating anything that involves food, but dessert is my favorite meal! :)
  14. TV or movie guilty pleasure:  watching chick flicks! 
  15. The best thing about shooting with Renee is:   Shooting with Renee was such a great experience!   She is absolutely amazing, she is such a sweetheart and is very talented at taking pictures! She has such a great eye for locations and coloring! Renee made the Photo-shoot really fun and enjoyable!  She and Jami are such a great team and I hope to be taking more pictures with them soon! :)