If you’re a fellow photographer and you’ve stumbled upon my site, first of all – welcome!

Whether you’re here to get ideas for sessions, or to find out information about me and how I shoot, or if you’re just poking around because you like the site –

I’m happy you’re here

Although I did start college as an art major, I didn’t end up with that degree 😉   I switched to Psychology so I ended up with a BA from LSU in that… with an Art History minor.  So yeah, I’m self-taught.

My father’s a photographer as well, but I basically had to teach myself everything that I know….especially the business side of things.  Sure, the photography part was fun – and then I realized… oh yeah, I’m supposed to be making money off this thing!  I initially wanted to start my own photography biz because it was super important to me to be around for my kids as they grew up.  After my first son was born, I picked up my camera again and decided to turn a passion into a business….. easier said than done, right?   Y’all know how hard this biz can be – from the constant “need to stay on top”, to “how do I price my work?” to “how do I file taxes?”…. it’s overwhelming, especially for us artists.  Some of you are natural business people.  I am not!  I had to teach myself ALL of that.  So I would like to save you guys some of that!  It’s so important to spend your start up money wisely — choose the right mentor, workshops, etc. so you can get the MOST out of your investment.

I do get asked a lot of questions on my facebook page…. everything from how do I shoot, what type of lighting do I use, what sort of gear do I shoot with, etc. etc…. so I decided to dedicate this section on my site to those topics.  Most of the questions I get asked are listed here – on the pages that nestle under this one….but if you would like to ask me anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I love meeting new photographers 😉

xo, R